Each poker room is available to any player, and this creates intense and rather tough competition in the online poker environment. Hence, an important tool for attracting new players became registration bonuses in the poker room. Usually, these bonuses work as follows - when you first make a deposit to your account in a poker room, you get a special extra bonus in the form of a return of a certain percentage of the amount you deposited, however, almost all poker portals have some restrictions on receiving such bonuses.

Bonus restrictions

Typically, you will need to play a certain number of raked hands (this is the house's share) - this approach allows rooms to avoid abuse and provides them with a guarantee that they can get their money back (in the form of a commission fee) before you have time to withdraw it. ... So, be careful in the game, and try not to lose all the money before you fulfill the conditions for receiving your bonus. Fortunately, most poker rooms allow the bonus to be paid out in small deductions as the game progresses.

How to evaluate the "quality" of the bonus

To understand whether a poker room makes a good bonus offer or not, you must first determine the amount that you are ready to deposit on the first deposit, and from it calculate the percentage you are entitled to (of course, it is always better to choose a site that offers 100% of the deposit amount). On the other hand, the conditions under which you can cash out deposit bonus (cash-out) are significantly different, and therefore the real value of any bonus offer always varies and depends on your game plans.

One example of a "weak" offer, so to speak, might be something like $50-$100 or 20-25% from the initial deposit, where you will need to play 10 to 15 hands with a commission for every bonus dollar. A "good" bonus would be $100-$200 and 40-60% deposits, where you only need to play 10 raked hands for each bonus dollar provided.

A good bonus offer should have a high percentage of the deposit and a minimum requirement to play a certain number of hands with a share of the house. When you are promised a $500 or 20% bonus from a deposit, where you have to play at least 25 raked hands for every dollar, this is a bad offer, because to cash out such a bonus, you will need to deposit $2500 and play as many as 12,500 hands !!! Do you need it?

Be sure to compare all the pros and cons of various bonus offers, otherwise your expectations will remain just expectations, while on some other resource, you could get a very real and good amount of money for your first deposit.