Poker Rules

General poker rules

Poker (poker) is the general name for several varieties of card games at once with a similar principle of playing the game: by means of the bets of all players, a bank is formed, which is received by the player who collected the best combination, or the player who is left alone by the end of the distribution.

In all types of games, the distribution starts with “dark” forced bets. In button poker, these bets are the small blinds, big blinds, and sometimes antes. For seven-card stud, these are ante and bring-in bets.

Player actions

After the cards have been dealt, players begin to trade and can place orders of the following types:

  • Fold (pass). This is a fold of the hand and a refusal to continue the fight for the pot.
  • Receipt... The application is available in all trading circles, except for the first one. Provided that no one has made significant bets in front of the player, he can also not bet anything and continue to fight for the pot.
  • Beth... The first significant bet in the bidding round. You can't check after it, you can only fold, call or raise.
  • Call... The rate is equal to the previous rate.
  • Raise... Increase in bet and call rates. Its size is regulated depending on the rules of a particular type of game.
  • Reraise... Raise rate increase. Its size also depends on the type or limit of the game.
  • All-in... An application that means that the player puts all his chips into the pot. This option is available even when the player's stack is not enough to equalize the opponent's bet. A side pot is formed - bets higher than all-in are placed in a side pot, played only between those players whose bets are contained in it.


The principle of bidding is the same in all games - each separate round ends when the highest bid for it is equalized. The distribution is completely completed after the last round of betting, after which the cards are revealed and the winner is determined. Sometimes the showdown is not necessary - no one wanted to respond to a player's “bet” or “raise” (opponents made a “fold” and there was simply no one to compare the combination with). In such a situation, the player immediately takes the entire pot.

Autopsy and determination of the winner

If the showdown has occurred, the pot goes to the player with the best poker hand. There are situations in which there is an equality of combinations - here the bank is divided between them into equal parts.

A new hand starts after the winner receives his pot.

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