The no deposit bonus is what allows beginner poker players to start playing for real money without risking their own investments. As you know, in the beginning it is simply impossible to start playing a plus. Winnings will start to surpass losses only after many games, so playing for real money with a no deposit bonus is what every beginner in poker needs, regardless of his goals and initial abilities.

How to choose a no deposit bonus?

Choosing a no deposit bonus is an extremely simple task. Unlike first deposit bonus, the choice of no deposit bonuses is not that wide. At the same time, there is still a risk of being in an unpleasant situation. To understand what we are talking about, it is enough to understand why poker schools and poker sites are engaged in issuing poker bonuses.

Why are poker schools and poker sites giving out bonuses?

A no deposit bonus in a poker room is issued only if the poker school has a partnership agreement with this room and it (the poker school) receives a part of the commission charged from you during the game in this room. With the money that the poker school receives at the same time, it pays for the work of the authors of educational articles and videos, and also deals with the issuance of new no deposit bonuses.

What is PokerStrategy?

PokerStrategy is the school of poker, the largest online poker community, and yet it's also the place to get your first poker money. Find out more about the PokerStrategy school by going to link.

What does PokerStars school offer?

The offer from PokerStars is somewhat different from the offer of the PokerStrategy poker school, as here you get a slightly lower amount and, at the same time, it is passed on to you indirectly, through tickets and bonuses. You can learn more about the PokerStars school here.