By 2020 FIFAas an e-sports discipline, it continues to develop and acquire more and more tournament organizers. At the same time, prize funds are also growing, which now, on average, exceed the mark of $100 thousand. At the same time, competitions are organized not only by EA, but also bookmaker companies. So, in the period from April 3 to May 10 Parimatch holds a championship with a prize fund of ₽2 million

Previously, this challenge passed Betcity... By holding a tournament with a fund of RUB 1.5 mln.

Developers are making esports accessible to everyone. Any player is able to qualify for the qualifying stages for FIFA eWorld Cup (World Championship), the prize fund of which is $500 thousand. For ardent fans there is an opportunity to participate and bet on: FIFA Interactive World Cup, EA Champions Cup, Ultimate Team Championship.

Fifa betting tips

Each discipline is unique, and that is why, in order to successfully predict results, several important points must be considered, namely:

  • Don't put on "tags". FIFA - the game is individual and the strongest player wins. Yes, eminent organizations sign strong athletes, but if you understand that a strong esportsman without a tag must beat his counterpart, who is on a contract with a renowned organization, you better bet on the first one.
  • Understand the current compositions and cards... Often in FIFA impose a limit on the total value of players, which forces esports players to go for tricks and experiment with the composition, weakening some places in order to strengthen others. Try to notice such moments and make predictions based on the data on the strengths and weaknesses of each team.
  • Predict live and keep abreast of game “scripts”... Scripts are mechanics laid down by the developer that tilt the course of the game in one direction or another. Skillful players know that, for example, when the score is 0: 0, the chances to score in the 40+ minute of the first half are maximum. This is because the game literally adjusts everything so that the user in possession will score. Knowing this, you can skillfully bet on the next goal scorer or on the score in the fight.
  • Browse as many tournaments as possible... This is necessary so that you can independently notice the habits and tactics of individual players. Statistics do not always reflect how an athlete plays, and after conducting some analytics, you will be able to independently identify patterns in behavior and bet on the winner.
  • Follow the format of the tournament and its rules... Often the rules and formats of tournaments change. This entails not only organizational but also game changes. Whoever could have won by the goal difference loses based on the results of 3 matches, the same goes for changing consoles. Any little thing that gives an advantage must be taken into account.