Many people think Pokerstars one of the best places to play poker online. The site team managed to create a high-quality product that combines an excellent gaming platform and a high level of service.

Who plays at PokerStars

Among the professionals playing at PokerStars are such legendary personalities as Peter Eastgate, Daniel Negrianu, Ivan Demidov, Vadim Markushevsky, Alexander Kravchenko and other world poker stars. It is not surprising that this portal has the largest number of players - more than 200,000 people during peak hours. Therefore, there is no need to talk about an insufficient number of opponents for the game. However, everyone just can't play well, which is why the PokerStars team has prepared an excellent online poker school.

What does the PokerStars School of Poker give?

Here you can learn the basic concepts and rules of the game of poker, study all the available combinations and, most importantly, you can start playing poker for free. The school provides comprehensive material about the game of poker itself and all its subtleties. During the training you will become the owner of no deposit bonuses in 33$ - they are provided absolutely free in the form of tickets to tournaments. In addition, everyone who successfully completes their studies at PokerStars School and makes a deposit will be able to get a ticket to the 100$ freeroll, which is held weekly only for PokerStars players!

PokerStars Bonus Instructions

Please read the following instructions before registering with the PokerStars Poker School:

  1. Install the PokerStars software by link.
  2. Log in with your own username in the installed client, select the PokerSchool bookmark, and then Register.
  3. Actually, go through the training, the material for which is presented at school in the form of four courses:
  • Completing the basic course will give you a ticket to a freeroll like the PokerSchool 1000$ Beginner's tournament.
  • Passing the main course is an opportunity to get two tickets to any poker tournaments, the fee of which is $1,2
  • Learning the basics of playing SnG tournaments will allow you to get three tickets to tournaments with a buy-in of $3,40
  • Finally, Fixed Limit Hold'em will bring a $20 deposit bonus completely free of charge!