Not everyone thinks about the fact that poker can become a means of earning money. But it is so. Moreover, some specialized sites are ready to provide their users with completely free start-up capital. These include, which is ready to give its members the most attractive bonus - a starting capital of $50.

Many people are not familiar with at all and it is best to provide such people with constructive explanations of the benefits that the PokerStrategy community has to offer.

What is

It is one of the oldest and most successful online poker schools in the world. More than three and a half million community members are registered here, and their success in the game is much higher than the success of an ordinary online player.

This site (articles, videos, workouts, forums and free start-up capital) is funded by affiliate. PokerStrategy has partnerships with all the big poker rooms such as PartyPoker, Mansion Poker or Titan Poker. When a PokerStrategy member is registered on one of the partner poker portals, the site receives a share of the player's rake - from this amount, video production, the work of moderators, coaches, authors are paid.

What does a player get from

  • This is a game without any risk - after all, you have been presented with a starting capital of $50.
  • This is the acquisition of knowledge necessary for a successful poker game - after all, the site has extensive educational material.
  • This is effective support.
  • It is absolutely free provision of all services available on the site.

How do I log into the PokerStrategy community?

Registration takes place in four stages:

  • Stage 1: Registration itself.
  • Stage 2: Learning one of the poker strategies
  • Stage 3: Receiving a bonus in the form of starting capital in $50, after passing the quiz on the strategy you have studied.
  • Stage 4: Creating an account at one of the partner rooms of

What is a quiz for?

PokerStrategy Quiz

Providing start-up capital can be seen as an investment in people interested in poker and its strategies. A player who passes the quiz proves that they have at least the knowledge of theory, and therefore the potential necessary to become a good poker player. That is, PokerStrategy members should start playing poker right away and stay afloat.

Identity verification and what is it for?

After a player has successfully completed the quiz and created a poker account, identity verification may be required.

A new member of the community must submit an official document to the site (for example, a passport or driver's license), and thereby confirm that he really is the very person he claims to be. As a rule, this procedure is carried out on a selective basis and is aimed at preventing cases of repeated receipt of free start-up capital.

Of course, many people consider showing personal documents to be a serious obstacle, but guarantees that all confidential data remains so. This data is needed only for one purpose - to verify the identity of a specific player.