After the closure of most casinos and slot machine halls, many players are not yet ready to go for them to specially designated gaming zones, therefore they are gradually mastering the Internet space. Which is better: live or offline? This question remains open and controversial, since fans of real-life casinos and those who like to play slots without leaving their homes will find their reasons.

Is there a difference?

In fact, the difference between slot machines in casinos and their online counterparts is small, so the main difference lies only in the atmosphere of the establishment and management (offline - with special buttons and levers, and online - using a computer mouse and keyboard).

The setting is indeed different, but the ability to enjoy the game from home or office is worth a lot. Despite the fact that there are practically no dirty and wretched slot machine halls in the vastness of the Motherland, more and more people prefer the opportunity to try their luck in slots in their favorite clothes and surroundings. In order not to advertise your passion for gambling, it is worth playing from home.

The range of games in classic casinos is limited. After the introduction of legislative restrictions, the owners of gambling establishments have shifted their business into the shadows and have significantly reduced the number of games to the most profitable and popular ones. The situation is different on the Internet: here players can enjoy their favorite slots, roulette, blackjack or poker. You can play at an online casino at any time of the day, and to start the game, you do not need to travel to another city or region. In the online version, casinos do not send old games loved by millions to a landfill, which may well happen in a real institution.

The profitability of payments is the most pressing issue. The success of the game directly depends on the programmed payout percentage. Unsurprisingly, a game with a 95-98% percentage is much easier to win than a game where the payouts are 90% or 80%. Since virtual establishments spend less on maintenance, online slot machines are famous for their high payout percentage. Thus, real establishments offer slot machines with payouts 90-95% to gamblers, and their online counterparts offer slot machines with payouts 96-98%. Unauthorized change of interest is possible, but it is illegal. Large casinos will never spoil their reputation with deceptive maneuvers, and competition on the Internet forces gambling establishments to attract players with honest and frequent payments.

Bonuses in online casinos are distributed much more generously, since the costs of maintaining the casino are minimal. So, newcomers receive bonuses from the casino on their first deposit, on high-stakes games, on regular deposits and much more. In a real establishment, the player can only count on free drinks and some souvenirs, but the latter remains only in foreign establishments.

Financial transactions are undoubtedly easier to carry out offline. Here, all transactions are carried out in cash and do not require complex fraud. But a modern person does not experience difficulties using bank cards and numerous payment systems working with online casinos. Funds are deposited almost instantly, and withdrawal will take several days. At the same time, payments are completely safe and reliable, because casinos in the global network confidently bypass their offline counterparts in many ways.