The easiest way to quickly learn in Hold'em poker is to visit the virtual so-called poker school, which, for example, is presented on the site In addition, it is available in two variations - directly from your computer's browser, and from an application that is installed in advance on your personal computer. How does the app work?

It's all the same virtual poker, but with visual cues. That is, right in the course of the game, the player will be shown additional tips with a very detailed description. It will be enough to go through literally 10 such game parties in order to learn how to play on your own, without prompts. Simple, convenient, understandable and absolutely free.

By the way, also has slot machines for free, there are more than 70 of them from the best developers of virtual slot machines in the world (novacom, gaminator and others). Therefore, you will not be bored on the site, and this is a fact.

Poker that won't be covered in lessons

Non-bluff poker is not poker. And any professional card player will tell you that. In a virtual game, of course, cheating is much more difficult, but everything is also possible. First of all - a sharp increase in the rate. As a rule, those who have a fairly simple combination of cards in their hands, in such cases, discard the game (pass). And if everyone passes, then the last player is considered the winner, even if he has absolutely no combination in his hands.

But making such a successful bluff takes a lot of practice. In no case should you raise the rate sharply during the first round. If you are planning to bluff, then it is better to do it when the common fund is fully disclosed. A sharp increase in the rate will mean that you have a good combination, but you allegedly deliberately took the time to bet significantly more money. It is this "frightening" maneuver that has a mental impact on other players.

What if the bluff fails?

No one is protected from the fact that another player will bluff during the game. If there is a high probability of losing, it is better to immediately fold the game by going into a pass. By the way, keep in mind that in the next game in a similar situation, everyone may again think that the player is bluffing. And this can be used to re-cheat when there is still a good combination on hand. But you can never go to Va-Bank if your hands are less than three (combination).