Since the founding of the United States, the development of the country and gambling have gone side by side. Although at the very beginning it was difficult to call it development. It took a lot of time and effort to bring about a more stable system. The history of US gambling has gone through 3 periods of development.

The first period coincided with the beginning of colonization itself, the formation of society. However, the venture with the search for new lands can be compared to gambling. In this case, you can expect anything you like, a kind of risk. The discovery at that time was - the lottery, which became a boom. For the money received from the lottery, institutions were built that still exist today - Harvard, Columbia University, Priston, Yale, Dartmouth; However, it is worth noting that there were some "defeats", there were scandals. In 1823, to the ambassador of the lottery scam, society's attitude towards gambling was shaken, but everything was just beginning.

The second period began in the middle of the 19th and ended at the beginning of the 20th century. This period turned out to be the most eventful and, as it happens, the shortest. The impetus for the beginning was the Gold Rush. And San Francisco became the "capital" of the gaming business. Without exception, everyone played, from mountain villages to large cities. At that time, the tent camps of miners were very popular; in search of new deposits, they moved from place to place, thereby spreading gambling throughout the country.

By the extinction of the second wave, all the same businessmen, who were not clean on their hands, accompanied. Where there is a lot of money, there is also a lot of dirt. Bribery races, extortionate ratios, gangsters' interference, all this led to the distrust of citizens. This led to the fact that in almost all states there were no legal types of gambling left.

The third period began in 1930 and continues to this day. The beginning of the revival was accompanied by the Great Depression. The country was in decline, moreover, the sharp collapse of the stock exchange in 1929, significantly shaken the country's economy. Well, gambling has become a pretty effective method of supporting the economy. Previously forbidden forms of gambling began to return, but this time lawmakers did their job right.