This article is intended for beginner players who are, one might say, still "green" in the world of virtual poker. Here you can find out how to download the necessary program, and how to go through the registration procedure on the site, in general, everything you need to start playing poker online.

Once you decide in which poker room you would like to start the game, use the links to the corresponding poker room, which are in the section Poker Roomsand download the software. Using links from our site can give you the following advantages: firstly, if any problems suddenly arise, we provide all our players with support in negotiations with poker rooms (for example, when accounts are blocked, with a poor level of support, when providing incorrect bonuses etc.). Secondly, we are constantly concerned about providing our users with the best special offers and the highest poker bonuses. Often, these bonuses are two or even more times higher than the standard offers of other sites. In addition, the ratio of bonuses to the deposit is significantly higher.

There are currently few poker rooms offering software options that do not require downloading. These download-free versions are very good for those who travel frequently or want to play on a work computer that is prohibited from downloading unnecessary programs.

How to download a poker software?

But back to how to download the program. Almost all poker sites run on this kind of software that needs to be installed on your PC. The size of the software ranges from 3 to 8 megabytes. Upon completion of the software installation, you will need to register your user account, and you will get full access to all online games on the site. Playing online poker requires very low connection speeds, and therefore you should not have problems even if you do not have access to high-speed Internet, you can play using standard telephone modems. However, if you are going to play at high limits, then you should not play without all-in protection - in this case, you should definitely take care of the availability of a broadband Internet connection.

How do I register to play online poker?

And now a little about registration - you need to provide the correct email address and it is not at all necessary to make the first deposit right away. At first, you can simply follow the real money games by participating only in the fun games that are offered in large numbers on each site. Thus, you can download the software of several rooms, look at their distinctive features and the games presented, and only then, having finally decided on the choice of the room, make your first deposit.