Before you satisfy your desire to test your strength in No Limit Hold'em and experience the sweet excitement that is shrouded in this world famous game, you should study some of its features. You can, of course, immediately start playing for real money, but it is better to gain experience through Sit'n'Go tournaments (this way, you can play with minimal cash costs). The financial component will be of the utmost importance here - you must determine exactly the amount of money that you can risk in this game. Choose an acceptable level to start. For example, if you want to play $3 Sit'n'Go tournament, 60 dollars should be enough for you for the whole game, but if you are going to try yourself in the limits of 25 dollars, it is recommended to “stock up” at least 500 dollars.

Features of No Limit Hold'em

When you start playing No Limit Hold'em in an online casino, you will immediately notice its obvious differences from limit games. The principle, of course, is the same - you “fight” against aggressors and inexperienced “fish”, but only now you (as well as your rivals) are not constrained by any restrictions. Many of your opponents are a priori ready to "suicide" - their game takes on a crazy, wild and unbridled style, and as the stakes are aggressively raised and the game is filled with energetic action, you begin to get excited. Relatively few players prefer cautious play at a measured pace, fearing an attack from "wild" competitors. And only a very small minority manages to play passively and calmly.

Betting models and acceptable risks

After you begin to navigate the structure of the game and learn its psychological elements, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basic betting patterns. You should remember that preflop bets increase your potential winnings. The creation and subsequent improvement of several combinations significantly increases the chances of winning. But you should not risk it if all your chips are at stake - here it is more correct to create and maximize the improvement of only one strong hand. Also, the free structure of the game allows for the use of small tricks or deceptions, which can bring very solid rewards.

Hand protection

Remember that by starting the game with a sufficiently strong combination, you must protect it and at the same time force other players to make unsuccessful attempts to "catch up" with you. To do this, you can raise the big blind pre-flop 3 - 5 times and make pot-sized bets on the flop and after the flop.

Reading Rivals

Undoubtedly, at the same time, you must have an idea of what cards your opponents have, and also evaluate their positions. In addition, you need to be sure that your opponents will not catch you trying to make a bluff.

Making such difficult decisions, correctly assessing the situation and one's strength, are the main difficulties of playing No Limit Hold'em. The decisions will be tricky and the mistakes costly, but that will make the winnings and victories much sweeter and more enjoyable!