Despite the fact that the rules of the poker game are quite simple, inexperienced players need to improve their skills with which the support of the poker room Pokerdom will always help. The main task is to collect a winning combination of cards.

Poker rules for beginners

In the poker room PokerDom There are several types of poker and therefore the rules may vary, for example, in the classic version it is customary to use 4-5 sheets, but the general ones remain:

  • combinations;
  • the so-called trading process.

Knowing the basics, a beginner to the game of poker can already download Pokerdom from the official site and quickly learn how to play for real money. The game involves the presence of two to ten participants at the table at the same time and consists of several so-called trading periods, which also varies with the type of poker.

The start of the game is considered to be the distribution, then, each of those present at the table can make a decision: to put chips or leave the game. After completing several rounds, the winner remains the one who managed to collect the best combination, therefore, the rules of the game of poker for beginners include the knowledge of the most common combinations.

Successful combinations

Before playing online poker, you need to understand the sequences that can be assembled during the rounds of the game, they include:

poker combinations.
  • Royal Flush - the five highest cards of the same suit;
  • straight flush - five suited cards of less significant value in ascending order;
  • junior straight - suited sheets of different ranks from ace to five;
  • four of a kind - four identical cards of different suits;
  • full house - a pair and three sheets of the same rank;
  • flush - all cards of the same suit;
  • straight - cards of different suits collected in order;
  • set, tript, triplet - three sheets of the same rank;
  • two pairs;
  • one pair;
  • highest card.

In the process, several players can collect combinations with the same names, but the lucky one who gets the more significant combination will take the pot. In addition, a kicker can be taken into account - a significant card that is not included in the combination, and in case of complete coincidence of the dignity of the collected combinations, the win must be divided.

Game progress

The winning at stake is the bets of the players, therefore, in almost all types of games, including online poker, the trade follows the distribution, but in some types, an ante bet is provided, which is made before receiving the cards in hand. Another mandatory bet that encourages those at the table to play is the blind.

The participant has the right to put all the chips - go all-in, or some of them, and the rest play "call", that is, equalize or raise the rates.

Aggressive play involves "raising", forcing opponents to accept the raise or fold. Texas poker involves several rounds of betting, as additional cards are revealed to help collect the optimal combination.

The game ends after all the gamblers have reacted to the actions of their partners and, if the player is left alone, he takes the winnings, and in the case when several participants reach the final, they must open their cards, which will reveal the winner.