Poker at the beginning of the century is significantly different from modern poker, and so are the players. If a few decades ago it was possible to learn how to play poker only through tireless practice or observation, as did the three-time world poker champion Johnny Moss, nowadays many helpers have been invented for this.

The story of Johnny Moss, who worked for a long time as the "All-Seeing Eye" in the casino and eventually became the world champion, has become an example for many novice players. After all, Johnny worked in a casino and watched, he followed the game and had to identify dishonest players.

Thanks to the relentless movement of the world of technical innovation, a special online poker toolkit has been created for the professional player. Over time, it expanded, and with the advent of special programs, it became possible to collect and analyze statistics, calculate the level of opponents, replay hands, carry out all this in real time, and much more. The most popular programs are simulators, probability counters, and statistics collectors. Almost all of them are paid, but in order to understand whether the program is useful or not, you can download their demo versions. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to programs that collect and analyze poker hand statistics.

Poker Tracker is probably the most famous and commonly used statistics collector. Many professional players only use it. This program is useful for getting statistics of played hands, both for tournaments and for regular hands. At the same time, information can be collected from several sites, which is especially important and allows you to see a complete picture of your success in poker. Thanks to her, you get complete information not only about your game, but also about your opponents, see your winning combinations, changes in your style and find out how aggressive your game is.

Most importantly, Poker Tracker allows you to study the game of your opponents. The program has a mode of automatic check of opponents, which allows you to calculate those players with whom you should sit at the table and those with whom it is too early to meet at the green cloth.

On the official website of the program, you can find a list of available online casinos and games, download a demo version, buy a Poker Tracker registration key, which will cost 55 $. All detailed information about the work and possibilities of the program can be viewed on the official website of Poker Tracker.